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So, what are tile floors? A tile floor is made of a hard flooring material typically porcelain, ceramic, slate, marble, or granite. These floors are fitted within a room and the gaps between them are sealed with grout. Porcelain tiles tend to be the most durable form of tile, but all tiles are very durable and a wonderful solution for flooring throughout your Orange City, Florida home. Read on to see some of the incredible features of tile flooring, and why we love it!

Tile Flooring is Versatile

When you think of tile you most likely think of having tile flooring in your kitchen or bathroom. These spaces are excellent places to install tile because tile is water resistant. However, tile need not be limited to just those areas. Tile floors are stunning throughout the entire home. One of the areas of versatility that we think of when we are talking about tile floors is the variety of design. What does this mean? Well tile flooring comes in a myriad of colors, styles, materials, and designs. Ceramic tiles for example come in many lovely and unique patterns. You can achieve many different looks depending on the type of tile you have selected. Slate tiles offer a wonderous natural beauty that is unique. Having tile flooring installed in your home has the potential to add big style!

Tile Floors are Easy to Maintain

We know that with our busy schedules the last thing we want is another thing added to our to do list. Having floors throughout our homes that require little upkeep is ideal for households around the globe. Once professionally installed tile requires little maintenance. Regular upkeep by sweeping and mopping will keep your tile floors clean and looking wonderful. Certain forms of tile, for example marble and granite may require sealants to be applied every few years, but that is the extent of required maintenance for tile flooring.

High Traffic is No Problem for Tile

If your home is a revolving door where people are coming and going, tile floors would be an excellent investment. Tile floors are very durable and can withstand the constant foot traffic. Tile floors tend to show very minimal wear as the years go by, because they are so durable. If you have a home with pets or children tile would work well for you. Accidents and spills don’t stand a chance on tile. Tile floors can be easily mopped up like nothing ever happened. With all of that, they don’t easily crack or chip either which is yet another reason a high traffic home with pets and kids would be wise to have tile flooring installed.

Tile Floors Keep Things Cool

Tile floors are unique in that they tend to stay cool even when its hot! Have you ever been in a home that was a little on the warm side, but the tile flooring remained cool? This is great for homes that reside in a hot climate, like we have here in Orange City, Florida. Keeping things, a bit cooler will help to improve your energy costs, which can get out of hand when trying to keep cool all summer long.

There are many phenomenal features that tile flooring has to offer. From keeping things cool to their incredible variety of style and color. In addition to all of these wonderful ways that tile can improve a home we would be remis to neglect to mention that it can also add value to your home. Most people in search of a new home consider tile and hardwood to be a premium type of flooring. That means that many people will opt to pay more for a home that is outfitted with either of these floors throughout. We know that investing in new flooring is no small feat, but when you consider the long-term value that can be added to your home it makes it a no brainer! Laminate Floors and More would love to talk to you about how we can help you get tile flooring installed in your Orange City Florida area home, to help you start reaping those benefits!