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husband and father of two awesome kids. I got my start in flooring straight out of high school installing for my friend’s father. Four years of high school shop classes came in handy, and the training I got during my time with that crew was invaluable. I started my own installation company in 2011 and partnered with Laminate Flooring and More shortly thereafter. In 2012, I became the primary installer here and enjoyed many years with Randy, Darcy and the rest of the team. When I received a call asking if I had anyone in mind that could fill a soon-to-be vacant managing position, the decision was easy, me! I started in April 2021 and have enjoyed the job ever since. Speaking with customers and seeing how pleased they were with a beautiful, brand new floor was always my favorite part of installing. Now, I get to have that same experience with all the amazing customers here from start to finish. There are stressful days and things aren’t always perfect, but I’ll always do my best to make sure our customers love their new floor and enjoy every step of the process.

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